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New Album Update Bonanza! Sweet Vacation, Cubismo Grafico Five, Hotel Mexico

Summer going to be kind to us this year. All sorts of good music hits Japanese store shelves in the next few months, and here are a few new album alerts from some of our favorite artists.

– Pop duo Sweet Vacation drop their second album into the world on July 14. You can preview a decent chunk of the upcoming LP’s tracks over at the band’s MySpace, and they sound as hyper upbeat as usual. In particular, give a listen to the snippet of “Futurhythm” which just smacks a little bit harder than Sweet Vacation usually does.

Cubismo Grafico Five have a new album on the way on July 7, but first will release a 7″ single featuring the song “Life Is Like A Season.” Cop it next week.

– Now this one took some investigative work. If you consider going to a record store and picking up a flier rock-solid journalism. Japan’s own chillwavers Hotel Mexico have a debut album in stores this July…at least I’m pretty sure they do after seeing that they’ll have an album release party on July 16 at Metro in Kyoto. Stop by, we can find out if an album exists…together!