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New Ame To Kanmuri: “Hungry”

One of 2017’s best songs to come out of Japan so far was Ame To Kanmuri’s “Lie Night,” a nervy number riffing on the lo-fi house trend that found Molm’o’mol of ever-intriguing idol outfit Koutei Camera Girl rapping over the lonely sounds. Looking beyond just the realm of idol-adjacent music, this was one of the more interesting sounds to pop up in pop anywhere. Now, the Ame To Kanmuri project gets a bit more acidic. New song “Hungry” features a similarly faded feel and spotlights Molm’o’mol’s rapping even more prominently than “Lie Night,” but this time around the production veers towards acid house. The song’s whole just-over-four-minute playtime squelches, with even the vocals rippling off near the final stretch. Once again, Ame To Kanmuri keep things very interesting. Listen above.