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New And Vice Versa: “Before Saying Goodbye”

Another Monday morning, another breezy electronic track from a Kansai-based artist. Like stopping by McDonald’s for a McGriddle before hopping on the train, this is quick becoming a nice little tradition to make the new-week start a little softer (albeit, healthier than the McGriddle). And Vice Versa’s “Before Saying Goodbye” sets acoustic guitar against pigeon-esque keyboard pecks in a just-under-two-minutes song that seems aimed for iPod headphones rather than the dance floor. And Vice Versa squeezes in a few stranger bits – mostly, the sound of a digitally-scrambled voice popping in – but for the most part this is one of the more relaxed things he has released to this point. Which makes it sound even better shortly after that alarm blares off at 5:30 in the morning. Listen below.

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