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New Andrew: Edits Vo. 1

This has been the year where I’ve accepted the fact I have no real idea of what’s happening in American music. This development probably solidified like two years ago, but I’m at peace with it in 2017, a stretch of time where the amount of time spent on Twitter means I get a certain exposure (some would all it “an addiction”) but wherein I really lack any deeper understanding. Well, thanks to Andrew of Trekkie Trax’s first set of song edits, I have a slightly better understanding of some names. His rework of Playboi Carti’s “Location” — and there is no better artist for me to highlight my new reality than him, a rapper I know about, but for a single song and like a bazillion blog posts — surgically removes the vocals and turns the dreamy bed of music into a rumbling bit of lushness. He transforms Jacquees and Dej Loaf’s “Want Your Sex” into a rumbler and then goes back in time a bit to slow down Anita Baker’s “Whatever It Takes” into an icy instrumental. Get it here, or listen below.