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New Anisakis: “Yoru No Yume Koso Makoto San”

One of the first sounds that crops up on Anisakis’ new song is the sound of church bells ringing off somewhere in the distance. Normally, it’s a sound I associate with bustling European cities, images of Notre Dame and the surrounding beauty of Paris filling my head. Yet Anisakis make “Yoru No Yume Koso Makoto San” less Parisian and more Un Chien Andalou by playing woozy waves of synth alongside the bells. Suddenly, a pretty memory turns into an unsettling hallucination. The rest of the song features a similar duality -“Yoru No Yume Koso Makoto San” utilizes a lot of gloomy noise and shadowy singing, a sorta trademark for the group, but at its center is a pop-ready chorus where the band yips “ya ya yeeyayeeya” over and over again. This brightness gets shoved into the darkened attic that is Anisakis approach to rock, but this conflict makes the song one of the strongest tracks from the band yet. Download here (with another song) or listen below.

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