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New Asian Kung-Fu Generation: “ソラニン”


So Asian Kung-Fu Generation have a new single out this week, and I have no idea what to feel about it. As a reviewer that’s basically me admitting I suck at my job, but “ソラニン” strikes me as a tricky beast. It’s the official theme song for the soon-to-be-out film Solanin and it feels every bit like it should be. I can picture the credits zooming by as the band wrings all the drama they can out of those verses. Yet at the same time, I like how the singing gets just a bit more unhinged come the chorus, and the way “ソラニン” spazzes out at the very end, like it wants to break through the screen and escape the clutches of soundtracking the names of grips. So…the song is up there, give it a whirl and decided for yourself.