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New Atlas Young: “Bouquet In My Heart”

Photo courtesy of Mark Gell on Flickr under Creative Commons

Bedroom whiz Atlas Young most of found a shoebox full of material underneath his bed, because he’s releasing a glut of new material into the world. According to MySpace, Young not only has a CD called Echo Goddess full of new material, but also a cassette tape dubbed Fantasy Horse with 14 more new songs. “Bouquet In My Heart” appears on Echo and sees Young continue to blur the lines between bedroom pop and ambient music. This goes way beyond just slapping some cheap sounding production fuzz over a track – “Bouquet’s” catchy main melody sticks out while everything around it sorta melts together into one attention-grabbing noise. Young’s wordless lyrics go a long way to making this song a standout, giving it the look of a pop number but the drone of ambient. Listen here.