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New Avec Avec: “Love Amania”

Turns out Avec Avec’s melted-crayon-explosion sound can also be turned into a smooth as butter groove. His new track “Love Amania,” released on Maltine Records, slides across the floor on the back of a breezy vocal sample and a well-placed bass drum that gives “Love Amania” enough of a push. Avec’s bright synths, usually the main attraction, are turned into sensual side touches, standing in the background and cheering on that velvety sample. It’s all a bit more complicated than that – Avec Avec is up to all sorts of sonic tomfoolery in the back, just listen for what sounds like the inner workings of a clock, and the way the vocals stutter at times – but “Love Amania” is the usually manic Osaka artist sitting back and enjoying a lazy afternoon without being lazy about it. Listen below.