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New Avec Avec: Oshiete EP

It is midnight here in Japan and this, a new (and, personally, highly anticipated EP) from Osaka’s Avec Avec just dropped right here. Scattered thoughts in something resembling a list:

1. This is being promoted as a big deal by Maltine, the netlabel that put Oshiete out. Just click that link or the cover art above. Takes you to a special page Maltine made specifically to hype up this release, featuring bio info, a music video and credits. It’s a flashy looking press kit, way different than what they usually do. Considering that Avec Avec has grabbed some hype, and Maltine is growing in popularity, this is big for all parties.

2. Here is a video for a shortened version of the title track:

It is both Avec Avec operating as normal – the glitzy, warbly music – and him making a big departure. He has teamed up with a singer named Momo to turn “Oshiete” into a legitimate bit of heavy-hearted pop, instead of the Gummi-Bear-colored blasts of electronics that just sounded poppy in the past. Avec Avec embracing something that unabashedly sounds like pop – and he likes pop, as indicated by his work in Sugar’s Campaign – is nice.

3. The rest of the EP features “Marmalade Boogie,” which sounds drunk on cartoon cells, making it a very worthy successor to last year’s excellent “Kuzuha No Sunday,” and the previously released slow-churn of “Love Amania.” Also comes with a nice remix of some other artist’s song. Too late for me to do research, sorry!

4. I’m liking this one spin in…but then again, only one spin. Check back later for more coherent thoughts. But download it now.