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New avengers in sci-fi: “Universe Universe”

The fine folks over at SparkPlugged posted this track the other day, and I’ve been slowly drawn to it since. I realize the video for “Universe Universe” features an astronaut (and, uh, named for the universe), so avengers in sci-fi clearly wanted this track to be “spaced out.” As obvious as that is, those B-movie sound effects and lightspeed guitars from Planet Zazen Boys floating in the back make this song worthy of repeat listens. The videos loaded with goofy images that would make Carl Sagan blush and the band sings the word “space” so much this could have been a joke – but avengers in sci-fi are completely earnest about this. They think the cosmos are the coolest thing around so they wrote a song that’s the sonic equivalent of a nine year old begging to go to Space Camp. For anyone who ever wanted to sit in a simulated shuttle cockpit, this one’s for you.