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New Baroque: “Hit It!”

What separates Baroque from the rest of the Kidz Rec stable is pure dark matter. Most of the folks on 80kidz’s label, including the duo themselves, produce club-ready jams that, though abrasive at times, always keep one eye on the dance floor. Baroque understands sometimes people just want to cut loose, but he’s gonna force them to do so within a black hole. “Hit It!” easily could have been Baroque’s transition song, opening with a drum machine bop and sharp jags of sound that could have been his straight blog-house number. Then…he drops his trademark “heavy” noises into the fray and suddenly everything about “Hit It!” has gotten super loud. The titular command isn’t referring to starting it up or even anything sexual…based on the buzzsaw energy throbbing through it, Baroque might be talking about actual face-meet-hand action. Listen below.

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