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New BD1982: Arclight EP

Consistency remains the most undervalued element in modern music. Well, OK, not just “modern” music, this is ultimately an art form dictated by trends more than any other. But in a hyper-reality like the one now, where everything moves so fast, stepping back and taking stock of the bigger picture can be a rarity. So this is all to say…Diskotopia, still doing the job! Their latest release comes from co-founder, one-half of Greeen Linez and (uhh, full disclosure?) fellow writer at Metropolis BD1982. The Arclight EP is an exercise in turning disruption into something movable, starting from opener “Arclight UV’s” synthesizer melody being smashed open by the percussion. “Miracles” breaks out with a limber beat but gets an uneasy edge courtesy of robo-vocals lurking beneath and just all sorts of noises competing for attention. Get it here, or listen below.