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New Beef Fantasy: “Melody Eater”

Not many artists writing an “image song” for a stuffed animal could come up with something compelling, but then again Beef Fantasy is a special kind of creator. The artist — who, we should note, released a fantastic song last year called “Virtua Beach” that we still kind of overlooked for reasons we are blanking on now, and also this which I didn’t know about until now — created “Melody Eater” to serve as a theme of sorts for this line of handcrafted stuffed toys (all sold out now!). The song itself is a bouncy number, one where every sound clatters forward and guest vocalist Marina’s singing gets sliced and died into a fine bits. Taken alongside samples of birds squawking off, “Melody Eater” boasts a fantasy atmosphere, one where synth melodies and what sound like Yoshi’s tongue shooting out make perfect sense together. Listen above.