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New Birds Melt Sky: “Oneday, Someday”

Haven’t heard much from Birds Melt Sky in a long time…2010, to be exact…which explains why I completely forgot what they sounded like. I originally wrote a post about “Oneday, Someday,” noting how it marked a change in style for the group because the beat was more prominent, making the song more physical, more danceable (I had this word in italics). I thought Birds Melt Sky were doing shoegaze stuff before, so this new track sounded pretty neat. Then I went back and listened to that old song linked above and…turns out “Oneday, Someday” isn’t all that much of a stylistic shakeup, but really more of the same! Which isn’t bad…it’s still a good song…but also a little disappointing. Ahhh well, listen above.