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New Boogie Idol: Jyoushiki No Arumachi

Listen, part of me just want to link once again to this piece and leave it to that. And that is a great explainer as to why the latest from Boogie Idol once again delivers a sparkling rush of excitement and melancholy for something that is long gone…and which I’ve never lived through. Still, there are twists to Jyoushiki No Arumachi, compared to last year’s Ongaku Yori Tooku. That 2017 release found Boogie Idol dabbling in a wide range of styles pushed to history’s recycle bin (at least for now), Jyoushiki No Arumachi comes off a bit more focused on the neon-lit jams. Some of the songs zip ahead, from the laser-light show of the title track to the intricate workout of “Doushite Mo Wakaranai.” Boogie Idol reminds of their sillier side with the easy-going “Osoi Asa,” a rumbling number accented by voices and dog barks. And, most ambitious of all, the seven-minute-plus climax of “Oboeteiru Mono,” showing that Boogie Idol cam maintain a groove and mood for a long-burning amount of time. It’s familiar, like your favorite supermarket or recycle shop, and a place I just keep finding myself wanting to come back to. Get it here, or listen below.