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New Boogie Idol: “Shitashimiyasusa”

Wherein Boogie Idol covers the theme song to Supermarket Sweep, and does more to play around with the ideas often attributed to vaporwave better than any modern form of that niche genre going. This moment, closing out the producer’s latest release Shitashimiyasusa, offers a good summation of what makes the album and Boogie Idol in general such a charmer. It isn’t played for laughs, and it doesn’t go overboard with the nostalgia (though the echoed voices add a nice touch). Rather, it reminds that catchy and affecting music can be found in the most unlikely places, whether in the supermarket or from a game show or from a supermarket game show.

Boogie Idol constructs the rest of Shitashimiyasusa from these pieces of forgotten musical culture, offering up shimmering dance numbers and swooping numbers built for late night galavants. The title song uses bossa nova as a base, weaving in assorted twinkles and vocal samples (plus some lovely wet pops) to add that Boogie Idol charm to another style. Few artists this decade have built more of a consistent catalog out of Japan than Boogie Idol, and done so while reminding that the nation’s past doesn’t need to be just remembered for the super serious stuff. Get it here, or listen below.