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New Buddhahouse: Summer Breeze

The sweltering heart of summer has arrived in Japan, unless you live up in Hokkaido, where the temperatures are far more manageable and the next two months probably feel wonderful. Sapporo producer Buddhahouse’s new release via Sabacan Records, Summer Breeze, captures the more relaxed feeling of the season on the northern-most island. The title track features ample space, building up to something a bit more frantic but never feeling too busy, even the familiar samples sounding cooled off (and surrounded by bird sounds…a nice natural touch). Buddhahouse finds a nice groove and builds up on it, but never letting it get too far away from him (though, hey, that final stretch is pretty energetic). Same goes for “Dancing Maker,” which incorporates samples of various computer programs (think I hear AOL Instant Messenger and Windows in here) into a crystalline wash of synthesizer. Get it here, or listen below.