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New Carpainter: Geofront


And we are back from Fuji Rock Festival 2016. Let’s see how long we can go before some other event throws me off schedule…oh, hey massive deadlines on the horizons!

It feels like Carpainter has been a “rising” artist for at least two years, despite having released a handful of albums and EPs across numerous labels. Geofront, his latest for Heka Trax, reminds that the “rising” tag might not actually be necessary at this point…he’s locked into his take on skittery 2-step, and consistently puts out high-energy dance cuts. His latest is highlighted by the shifty “Jupiter Funk,” full of neon-bright synths and distant vocals. It, like the other three tracks on Geofront, is lithe and energetic, constantly bubbling over but always settling down at just the right time. Get it here, or listen to “Jupiter Funk” below.