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New Chocoholic Featuring Lulu X: “Touch”

The hook for this post was just right there for the taking — Chocoholic gives the world a gift on Valentine’s Day! You can’t get an alley-oop like that everyday. Naturally, her new song came out at the exact moment I’m swamped in work / my brain might literally leak out of my head because of what came behind that slash. Good times! Anyway, the Tokyo producer’s latest finds her teaming up with Lulu X, the name that talent Imalu has given to her new electronic musical endeavor. Her vocal focuses on the thrill of being touched by those you care about, and it features a pleasant follow-the-bouncing-ball flow. But the real hook is Chocoholic’s music, which when it hits the hook imitates a nervous reaction to a touch, the music doing quick start-stops like a heart thumping. That action sells it better than words. Listen above.