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New (Kinda) City Your City: “Chain”

Update: When you rush to get something up you just saw on YouTube, you’re gonna make mistakes! “Chain” came out a while back, so some of the below is a bit off. But the video, above, is new. Make Believe Melodies regrets the error, and thanks to @nsilvias for the heads up

City Your City have a knack for coming to sonic trends and putting their own warped spin on them. “Chain” dips into the (now passé?) tropical house sound, loading this one up with style-specific details (the main melody, mostly, plus the percussion come the chorus which…like that sub-style, is less about singing and more about the music taking over). Yet it also doesn’t sound particularly tropical, and it leans closer to unnerving territory with the way all the sounds jumble together, and how City Your City’s singing lurks in the back. Yet still, come that hook, something joyful crawls out. Listen above.