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New CRZKNY: “Hong Kong”

Editor’s Note: Hello, long time no see! After a break from blogging due to family issues, I’m starting up, though it might still be infrequent. Thanks for your continued support.

Hiroshima juke producer CRZKNY has been political since the very start of the decade, kicking back at Japan’s nuclear power industry and the government in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. He hasn’t slowed down since, and newest track “Hong Kong” turns its attention to happenings elsewhere in Asia. While it features samples of protestors in the city from this year, “Hong Kong” leaves enough space for it to function as a call to arms for anywhere in the world, anchored by CRZKNY’s familiar approach to beats, which goes for the pummeling. Rather than crush, though, “Hong Kong” uses this energy to build momentum and become a rallying cry. Listen above.