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New CRZKNY: M.F. House

Producer CRZKNY has made a lot of politically aware music in the last few years, releasing some very impassioned (and very bleak) collections of juke following the Fukushima nuclear plant incident, and he has played a prominent role in organizing the Atomic Bomb Comps of the last few years. Yet dude likes to have fun too, a reminder even the most vigilant crusaders need to cut loose sometimes. M.F. House is, as the title implies, a collection of house-leaning tunes, most of them bouncy and anchored by party-ready vocal samples. It can get punishing at times — the claustrophobic “Talk Too Much” starts off as something that would fit on any of his more socially conscious creations — but even those moments turn sorta fun — what the fuck, “Funkytown” samples? It’s not always pure joy, but is far more upbeat than usual. Get it here, or listen below.