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New DJ Fulltono: Before The Storm EP

DJ Fulltono told me last year in interview that he wants to keep boiling down juke to its most basic elements, and the Before The Storm EP displays this desire for simple but body-moving exercises in percussion. This isn’t the first time Fulltono’s minimalist hunger has come through — the Draping series he’s doing with CRZKNY and Skip Club Orchestra follows a similar pattern — but here the attention is all on his hiccuping tracks. “Apaches” lets a dusty guitar sample spring up early, but the bulk of the song is just skittering beats looped, aligning with the more stripped-down takes on the Chicago-born style. So it goes for the rest of the EP — Fulltono lets other elements sneak in, but always keeps the focus on the beat, showing the subtle mutations in all their stuttering wonder. Get it here, or listen below.