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New Dorian: “Like A Wave”

It’s pretty easy to make jokes about Urkel-O’s before calling Dorian a great example of 80’s revivalism. Just check the short teaser clip they put together for their recently released album Studio Vacation – cartoon lady looks like she belongs on a Duran Duran sleeve. Yet, like similarly new-wave-inspired gang The Brixton Academy, Dorian conceal a lot more than a fond memory for ugly clothes. The below clip finds Dorian’s main man playing the slow-burning electro instrumental “Like A Wave,” and this swirling track needs no gimmicks to standout. It relies on a simple formula – a lot of woozy synth noises building up to a big release, and then Dorian rides that (ahem) wave out until a second go around of “build it up…blow it open” later on. It’s an entrancing jam, and a subtly constructed one that lasts a long time and manages to make a few sonic ideas sound like way more. Listen below.