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New Dustin Wong And Takako Minekawa: “Elastic Astral Peel”

Usually, Japan gets new movies or TV shows way later than the rest of the world. But sometimes it works the other way too — I figured Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa’s latest album Are Euphoria was out everywhere, since you can find it at music stores here in Tokyo. But nope! It comes out elsewhere on June 16th, which also explains why a video for the song “Elastic Astral Peel” emerged via Thrill Jockey today. Musically, it builds on the loop-centered style Wong and Minekawa have been exploring together since 2013’s Toropical Circle, the repeating melodies joined by an assortment of voices imitating cats, various yelps and more commotion. Yet in their hands, it sounds comforting, not chaotic. Listen above.

Also read The Japan Times’ great interview with Wong, who is very real about…a lot of things.