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New DYGL: “Let It Out”

When Ykiki Beat called it a day, something interesting happened to DYGL. The prior group featured many of the same numbers, and was sort of placed as the mainstream rock effort…whereas DYGL was given space to be more messy around the edges, more garage. But now, with one band done, DYGL takes the spotlight role too, and with their debut album out next week, it will be interesting how they adjust. “Let It Out” hints at what might be. It is a fine bit of rock in the U.K. style the group has always been turned to, and it moves at a steady pace. The anger and energy that once pulsed through their work is toned back for something more reflective, something more emotional (whatever political readings you could glean from older songs is replaced with navigating complicated inner workings). I think the older mode DYGL gravitated too still comes across on other songs, but “Let It Out” is the one with the video, so it seems like it is the one that needs to be seen by people. And it’s different. Good, but different. Listen above.