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New Electronic Music Roundup: Mad Egg, Emerald Four And Magical Mistakes

So much stuff worth yackin’ about, had to compile them all into one post!

Mad Egg “White Lie”

Kyoto wonder-kid just keeps releasing new music…it is getting to the point where I seriously wonder what he does during the day besides get lost in his little sonic universe. “White Lie” comes off as a very unhurried track from the youngster, less like falling into a wormhole and more like being an astronaut hopelessly floating in space while feeling the oxygen pack empty out. This would be ambient dust if not for the random clanks popping up. Yet, “White Lie” is surprisingly calming. Listen below.

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Emerald Four “曖昧な魂”

Keeping up with the space theme…this feels like being on an abandoned space station drifting into the weirdest parts of the cosmos. Fellow Kyoto artist Emerald Four crafts a strange, nearly five-minute journey through minimal glowing spiced up with random noises that could have been pulled from a boss fight in Earthbound.

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Magical Mistakes Remixes Kuhn’s “We’re Gonna Make It”

Magical Mistakes is another artist associated with Kansai’s Innit crowd (same as Mad Egg), and assuming I can keep my work focus up you should be reading a bit more about him in the near future around these parts. For now, get a taste of what this dude does oh so well via his remix of Kuhn’s “We’re Gonna Make It.” You can download the EP his mix appears on…also features the original if, ya know, you need a reference point…right over here.