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New Elen Never Sleeps: Rum EP

The vocals found on Elen Never Sleeps’ songs are always an interesting confrontation – they are not traditionally “good” but the relatively ragged delivery are charming in their own way. They are pushed further than ever before on new EP Rum which finds Elen Never Sleep crafting his most vocally daring collection yet. It opens with the previously released title track, a shuffling little number that has a beach-side vibe to it but conceals some intimate lines (“too hot inside you” whoa). Yet it is also an outlier here, because vocally it is one of the most relaxed tunes here. It is on the following track, the driving “Skyline,” where the singing starts ramping up. Come the chorus, the words are being shouted a touch louder and the vocals are coming out in a higher register than before. Not pretty…but also bluntly earnest, Elen Never Sleeps really driving home the emotion at the core of this track. Similar jumps up in delivery happen on the peaceful “Saudade” and reach their apex on “Emerald,” where dude sounds like Bjork in his shouting. Again, though, it is some real emotional blood-letting, and makes the album all the stronger. Get it here or listen below.