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New ELEN NEVER SLEEPS: “The Golden Minor”

Pulling off an intimate atmosphere in music isn’t easy, but completely doable in various ways. One could always go for minimalism, using as little as possible to create the feeling of staring someone in the face, like The XX. There is also the sexy R&B route, but that’s not exactly the “intimacy” at hand. ELEN NEVER SLEEPS’ newest track “The Golden Minor” touches on another way, though – the dream-pop route, where the music covers the listener like a blanket and makes them feel safe.

ELEN NEVER SLEEPS washes “The Golden Minor” in warm synths that bless the track with an air of fragility, one swoop of a hand could dissolve the whole thing like a spider web. The vocals drift around in the void, offering a human touch, but “The Golden Minor” ends up a triumph of the enveloping noises around it. It’s deeply gentle, the sort of song you want to tell a secret to. Listen below.

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