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New ELLEH: “Everything You Ever Needed”

Tokyo duo ELLEH recently teamed up with London record label Rare Cut Records, and “Everything You Ever Needed” is their first release via them. It’s a larger platform, and fittingly the two’s latest offers a great entryway into their sound ahead of their next EP. “Everything You Ever Needed” features their liveliest music to date, with the group laying down a dance groove accented by digi-horn-blurts that add a melancholy. What sets it apart from previous ELLEH groovers is how the intensity of it builds up to a dizzying climax, the beat bursting open and those same electronic touches taking on a hopeful — downright ecstatic! — tone. ELLEH, though, still offsets these flashes of joy and the song’s general floor-focused gaze with lyrics that are more regretful. But that’s why this is a good intro for those who haven’t heard them before. Listen above.