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New Ex Confusion: “I Remember When”

Forget subtly — sometimes you have to just drip out the bad feelings until they’ve totally gone away (for a bit). Nara artist Ex Confusion has always let emotion all out in their music, and I Remember When stands as their melancholy masterstroke. These loops just really go into downcast territory, using a mix of acoustic guitar notes and electronic washes to create this really fading feel, like memories being looped but deteriorating as they go on. “Tears” uses slight distortion to make the feeling of ennui come through clearer, while “Nothing Stays The Same” brings in piano playing to only make the pain come through clearer. Ex Confusion has been working towards this for a while, but this finds them really going all in on this pained mood. It can sometimes be a little too focused on these feelings, but when it hits, it really hits. Get it here, or listen below.