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New Faron Square: “In Memory Of Sally” And “Comes Around You”

In which one of introverted label CUZ ME PAIN’s brightest stars pops open an adult beverage and comes dangerously close to having a party. Faron Square isn’t the first artists from these ranks to sorta cut loose – the bright blinking synths of NITES bring to mind a carnival, and even AAPS did a dubstep song that one time. This pair of songs from Faron’s forthcoming Willys Anthology EP also attempt to have a great time, albeit one still shrouded in a little bit of mystery and even sadness. Case in point – the highlight of this pair comes from a song called “In Memory Of Sally.” The melancholy title is backed up by the inclusion of some sparse piano and a few passages of wordless cooing trailing off into nothingness, as if trying to properly mourn someone. Yet “Sally” embraces the idea of ignoring grieving in favor of celebrating life – Faron Square anchors this track with an almost hip-hop beat and airy synths going off like party poppers in slow motion. A fragile but gorgeous song which you can stream over at No Modest Bear.

“Comes Around You” meanwhile sounds only a few clicks away from being the background music to an inspirational 80s public service announcement. Or a Foldger’s commercial. It has jaunty piano and upbeat singing and these wonder-filled synths that have become a CUZ ME PAIN staple. It’s a bit more slight than “In Memory Of Sally,” but a nice little morning jog of a song. Listen below.

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