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New FOGPAK Featuring Loopcoda, DJ Obake, Chanbe And More

The FOGPAK series of compilations always offer a great intro to rising electronic producers in Japan (and recently, abroad). They also tend to be overwhelming, packed with songs and producers, often breezing past two dozen in total. Yet the size of the latest FOGPAK, the 13th in the series, sees a nice drop to 11 songs total, without a drop in quality. It starts off with a nice summer number via Loopcoda’s “Jellyfish Drop,” which uses (Vocaloid I’m pretty sure, but I’ve been off before) vocal samples and big bubbly synths to create a warm number that sets this one off on a bright note. DJ Obake follows it up with one of the hardest-hitting numbers he’s ever done (complete with Mactalk), while from there we get a woozy bouncer from Chanbe and an appearance from poemcore artist owtn. It even ends with a rap number via NO.A, a nice reminder of how all-over-the-place FOGPAK can be. Get it here, or listen below.