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New Foodman: “Nanika”

I often feel an exciting rush of confusion when listening to Foodman’s music. How can those sounds be turned into that!? How did he make that noise?! What’s going on???? Given the whirlwind and wonky nature of the Yokohama-based artist’s creations, it’s a fair reaction, but sometimes the sheer WTF-ery happening across a song blurs out just how gorgeous his songs can get. He constructs them from unlikely sources, but the way every piece slides into place can often result in downright pretty (albeit fragmented) melodies, not far from what Cornelius has been doing since 2000. “Nanika” serves as a great reminder of this, loaded up with stray guitar plucks, soothing synth washes (serious Software vibes) and horn blurts. Yet Foodman corrals everything together just right, to create a disorienting but ultimately beautiful track. Listen above.