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New For Tracy Hyde: “First Regrets”

Editors Note: My computer has been fixed, and everything works amazingly now! Back to the music!

For Tracy Hyde’s latest album, the In Fear Of Love EP, is currently available only as a physical release…with very little beyond a crossfade demo version. That preview, though, gives all the folks who prefer digital media (or, uhhhhh, haven’t had time to get to a record store recently) a proper glance at what’s changed for the outfit…and they are significant. Azusa Suga, the mind behind the group and also vapor-leaning solo project Shortcake Collage Tape, hands the mic over to the group’s newest member, the quickly-becoming-prolific Lovely Summer Chan. “First Regrets” is the first song on the four-song set, the first of the numbers to appear online and the first full taste of Summer Chan up front. And it’s good! Suga’s vocals always charmed in a throwback, hey-dude-lets-make-a-band sorta way, but Lovely Summer Chan is ultimately a better voice to drift over the group’s dreamy guitar pop. It all sounds tighter, a bit more professional and a good step forward For Tracy Hyde. Listen below.