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New Fruits: Three

The music of duo Puffyshoes always leaned towards goofy topics — cats and birthday parties and backstage passes — but the pair had a knack for highlighting some painful feelings lurking even in the silliest themes. Fruits, the solo project of Puffyshoes’ Azumi Nakajima, continues this tradition on Three, a set opening with what you think could be a light bit of fun in “Only My Cat Understands Me.” Until Nakajima reveals the song is really about how her parents don’t understand her, casting the whole number in a far darker light. The rest of Three wrestles with heartbreak and loneliness, set over a simple but often catchy set of bedroom pop. It all peaks with “Don’t Sing About Love,” a sing-a-long imploring the world to…do just that. Get it here, or listen below.