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New Gellers: “Cumparsita”

Man, that sax. Gellers have long been a band pretty easily summed up lazily if you wanted to – they are a rock band, they are the rock band Shugo Tokumaru was in before stepping out on his own, they are Shugo Tokumaru’s other thing. Welp, new single “Cumparsita” aims to shake up those preconceptions a bit, one saxophone blurt at a time. Gellers’ videos have always been goofy fun, so seeing the silly clip above isn’t much of a shock…good use of Tokumaru as flower shop worker…but “Cumparsita” itself moves a bit away from the fuzzed jangle-pop of yesteryear Gellers in favor of…heart-on-sleeve ’80s pop leanings. Tokumaru doesn’t handle the vocals (as he did on “Guatemala“) and there are A LOT of saxophones. It strikes the tough balance of being both sorta silly but also surprisingly earnest (hey, when you dip this deep into a style, some level of honest devotion crops up…no joke goes for six minutes). Listen above.