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New Gokou Kuyt, Tohji, Sleet Mage And Who28: “nap”

More of a Soundcloud-centric rapper round robin than a song proper, “nap” highlights four very promising artists taking their own perspective on the hazy, often-gloomy sounds of a wave coming from America. We’ve highlighted two of them before — Sleet Mage, whose Astral Body Boi tape makes our top 50 of 2017 if we redid it now, along with Gokou Kuyt, a guy who can handle K-rap beats pretty well. They are joined by Tohji and Who28, and each jump on this emo-wrencher of a beat, offering quick verses that highlight what each is all about. It’s a nice swirl to get lost in for just over two minutes, but think of it as more of a gateway forward. Listen above.