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New Greeen Linez: “Hibiscus Pacific”

Over the past year, I’ve gotten a little burned out on found-footage videos. They were charming for a while, but now just feel like forced nostalgia. This attitude, though, clashes with what I think about Greeen Linez’ new song and video “Hibiscus Pacific.” Though the video below relies on VHS-quality footage of old Japanese advertisements and bikini vids (the latter of which gets turned into a pretty sweet sex joke), the dated clips match up so well with Greeen Linez’ music I end up ignoring my previously held views. “Hibiscus Pacific” sounds like how I imagine bubble-era Tokyo did – glitzy and decadent and pretty much the aural equivalent of those magazines they hand out in first class. Yet it’s more complex than any glossy mag about sail boats, full of subtle shifts in sound that, nevertheless, manages to sound deeply pleasurable even in the far more economically strained world of 2012.

Plus, check that elephant, can’t hate on a video with such a fly animal in it.