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New Guchon: Dogs Of The Future

Long-running netlabel presence Guchon returns with Dogs Of The Future, a new one released via Maltine Records. All things considered, Guchon keeps it simple over these five tracks. Opener “Anywhere Door” exists as kind of a distant cousin to Powder’s “New Tribe,” slowly building tension through constant repetition and subtle changes going off just out of view, while “Welcome To My Dugneon” is just total house pogoing accented by what sounds like dog yelps. Simple, but damn effective, especially on the last two songs, starting with “Dream Island Seaside Line’s” beat meshing up against sweet 8-bit melodies late to create as active a melancholy as you could ask for, while closer “Dogs of Paradice” brings out pure bliss via its shuffling beat and soft synth sounds. Get it here.