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New Hakushi Hasegawa: iPhone Six Plus

Hakushi Hasegawa can sometimes sound a little too structured for my ears. At his best, he constructs zippy numbers exuding charm without going full frantic like so many other modern Japanese electronic artists. Other times, his work can come off as a little too music class, more interested in showing off dexterity than delivering something resonant. That is not a problem on iPhone Six Plus, a new album put out via Maltine Records. This is the best distillation of what Hasegawa does yet, tied to a theme revolving around the titular smartphone. Similar to the supermarket dance of Boogie Idol and Pasocom Music Club, the songs here have a digital stiffness to them, but through which Hasegawa finds beauty. Unlike the aforementioned, tracks such as “Sabaku De” and “Yokogao S” zoom forward backed by hints of jazz and classical music composition, but Hasegawa keeps them loose enough to never feel like homework. His voice helps a lot here, adding emotion to these intricate tracks. And sequencing shines too, the album ending with a sweet and spacious comedown of a number. Get it here.