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New Halfby: “Bitch Attack”


Halfby loves paying homage to other artists in his cut-and-paste dance tracks, recently his celebrations focusing on the world of rap with special sampled appearances by Lil’ John amongst other guests. On new track “Bitch Attack,” the Kyoto producer bows down at the altar of…Diplo. More specifically, he seems to be aiming to recreate the dancefloor success of the Major Lazer project, as “Bitch Attack” sounds a lot like “Pon De Floor.” The obvious similarity is that similarly screechy electro-squiggle opening the song, high pitched and a little annoying but also sorta irresistible in a way. The track mostly revolves around those, with some silly electric horns farting away too and some vocal samples sneaking in to. His Diplo tributes don’t stop at just that one song – the breakdown mid-song sounds very much like early M.I.A., and then you can hear a gun click and…well, that one is kinda obvious.

This song sorta seems like the type of jam made SO Halfby could also make a really silly video, and the above clip doesn’t disappoint. Like his “Mad Surfin'” clip, the “Bitch Attack” video relies on found footage of dancing women, bulls, dogs who look like humans and a lot of asses. Whereas Major Lazer’s horniness could sometimes feel really creepy, Halfby always seems to have a little bit of a smile on his face about it. Watch above.