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New Hiroki Yamamura: Butterfly Hour EP

Osaka-based producer Hiroki Yamamura has been one of the region’s most hyperactive footwork creators over the last few years, releasing tracks on the more frantic side of the tempo scale. The Butterfly Hour EP, released via London’s Moveltraxx, offers as concise a gateway into his sound as possible given how quick Yamamura can get. The pace is set right from the get-go with the title track, a skippy affair moving so briskly the vocal samples and synths practically start fading on themselves. The 8-bit liquid funk of “Turquoise” barely allows space to take a breather, while “Cinderella” just barrels ahead on a chirpy chorus and horns. The standout though is “Frosty Cake,” a number we’ve already praised in the past, but still sounds as invigorating as ever on this EP. Get it here, or listen below.