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New Hiroki Yamamura: “Frosty Cake”

I’m always ready uncork the same adjectives with high-energy producers such as Hiroki Yamamura — like “high-energy” — that something like “Frosty Cake” is a total curveball that makes my go-to vocabulary worthless. It still rumbles ahead on a juke-inspired beat, which has been Yamamura’s base for so many lightspeed numbers. But here, everything feels a step slower, and the vocal sample — foggy like its surrounded by dry ice — don’t convey energy as much as reflection. “Frosty Cake” pushes melancholy more than pure sweat, while still being swift. Listen above.

EDIT (2017): The original version was taken down…because it will appear on Yamamura’s new album! “Frosty Cake” is getting some love from The Fader, so here is the new stream above.