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New Hiroki Yamamura: The Game Of Life EP


The highlight of Hiroki Yamamura’s newest, The Game Of Life EP, comes right in the middle on the title track, one of the finest pieces the Osaka producer has put together in his hyper-speed-paced catalog. Featuring the same up-tempo pace of his better juke cuts from recent years, Yamamura drops in off-season steel drum hits and cuts those off with something that sounds like King Kong screaming right up to your ear. If his music is sensory overload, this is the logical result — a number that goes from upbeat dance number to melancholy via tropical touches to suddenly kinda scary. The other four songs don’t hit such heights, though the catching-your-breath quality of “Medical Escape” and generally madcap cut-up of “Perfect Mission” are plenty fun, but this right in the middle makes it all work together just right. Get it here, or listen below.