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New Hoshina Anniversary: “Cobra (Demo)” UPDATE: With New Image Plus Explanation!

Fresh off a plethora of Lady Gaga remixes, Hoshina Anniversary has moved on to working on originals. He’s posted a short demo of a new song called “Cobra” over at MySpace and it sounds promising. “Cobra” has a very strobe-light feeling going for it thanks to some stuttering synths, though the real highlight of the song are the demonic screams popping up every so often. It’s still a demo, so not too much to say, but good stuff out the gate.

UPDATE: A fan and friend of Hoshina Anniversary in Tokyo, Takeuchi, e-mailed me over the weekend with some information regarding this song’s title. Turns out it isn’t about the cobra-snake I originally used as an accompanying image but rather the Japanese manga Cobra. Read all about it on Wikipedia. Thanks go to Takeuchi for shedding some more light on this.