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New Hotel Mexico: “We Are 69 Years Apart” (Demo)

Heh heh…69.

With that out of the way, looks like Hotel Mexico have gotten pretty comfy with Diesel. This is the second song by Kyoto’s premier chillwavers to appear on Diesel’s “Diesel:U:Music:” after the Ariel Pinked out “Dear Les Friends.” Like that song, it’s pretty easy to play glo-fi connect the dots though “We Are 69 Years Apart” isn’t quite as obvious. The gliding neon guitar recalls Ducktails circa Landscapes but that’s the only easy comparison before slipping into dangerous “sounds like chillwave” territory. This demo, though, does find Hotel Mexico letting the vocals sneak a little more into the center and…it sounds pretty good because of it! “69 Years” sounds like on of the most straightforward pop moments in the group’s young catalog, all without sacrificing the 80s-VHS feel that gained them the media attention that most likely got the folks over at Diesel to give them a listen in the first place. Go here to listen and download.