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New In The Blue Shirt: “Stevenson Screen”

Bonus songs tacked on to a special edition CD or vinyl issue of an existing album might not normally grab our attention, but when it comes to In The Blue Shirt, we are eager to listen to what micro-level dance tinkering dude gets up to at any time. “Stevenson Screen” comes from the record version of last year’s breakthrough Sensation Of Blueness, and appropriately sounds welcome on the full-length. In The Blue Shirt can certainly rev his sound up when needed, but his strongest ability is bringing a sense of warmth to cut-up dance-pop, using snatches of acoustic guitar and keyboard to create an autumn sweater of a track. As is the case with a lot of his best songs, “Stevenson Screen” shines the most come those syllables, which sound aching rather than frantic. And this was an extra! Listen above.