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New INNIT Collection Featuring 4degC, Toyomu And More

And Fuji Rock is over! Sorry for the vacation, let’s get back into it, shall we?

Despite having covered the artists and imprints that have sprung out from it, the actual INNIT event hasn’t been given spotlight time around here in a while. That Osaka party – started a few years back around the idea of “bring your music,” and which has been a sort of starting point for artists such as Seiho, Magical Mistakes and And Vice Versa – has an upcoming edition on August 3 at Metro in Kyoto, and in advance of it they’ve compiled a special five-track set from a few of the artists playing. It’s also a reminder of how wide the event’s reach has become – because this are pretty new names. Highlights include the whirring, potentially Lil-Wayne-sampling “Magnet” by Toyomu (which features a batty gravity-sucking-in-on-itself back half), the chirpy “Tweety” by Isagen and the stuttery, Metome-ish workout that is “Lotus” by 4degC. Listen below.