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New Jesse Ruins: “L For App”

It has been a while since shadowy outfit – and CUZ ME PAIN group – Jesse Ruins have shared a new song…but they have a lot to reveal today. The group will release their second album Heartless in November (well, in Japan…an international release follows the next month), and here’s the first taste of it. Jesse Ruins’ music has always struck a fine balance between dreamy wonder and creeping unease – see “Dream Analysis” and remember those deeper-toned backup vocals backing the sweeter ones up front – but “L For App” leans more towards creating a creepy atmosphere. It’s a sparse number featuring clattering percussion and chant-like voices saying “just feel…sick sick sick” (or, depending on how you want to hear this, “6 6 6”). The voices eventually stutter, and electronic pulses enter it, adding to the sweltering feel. It builds up to something, but even the climax here is claustrophobic. Listen above.